Iguchi Lilyさんの投稿 2019年8月16日金曜日



Memphis Grace -High Beginner 32ct 4wall 1tag by Ria Vos

I’m So Hot Hot Hot -Phrased Intermediate 64ct 4wall by Rebecca Lee & Megan Barsuglia

Train Swing -Beginner 32ct 4wall by Niels Poulsen

Say Goodbye -Intermediate 32ct 4wall by Kim Ray

Mas Que Nada -Beginner 16ct 4wall by Tomohiro Iizuka

My Own Hero -Intermediate Rolling Count 32ct 2wall by Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris 

Funky Paradise -Improver 48ct 2wall by Laura SwayRob Fowler

Geek In The Pink -Intermediate 32ct 4wall 1 restart by Johanna Barnes


Yes M’am, No M’am -Improver 48ct 4wall  by Ria Vos

Bounce Back – Intermediate 32ct 4wall 3 restarts by Stéphanie Bijon (FR), Jean-Pierre Madge (SW), Gaëtan Bachellerie (FR), Guillaume RICHARD (FR)

Make It Through Another Day – Intermediate 32ct 4wall 2 restarts by José miguel Belloque Vane, Roy Verdonk

Dare To Dance – Improver 32ct 4wall by Fred Whitehouse

Somebody Like You – Intermediate 48ct 2wall 2 restarts by Alan Birchall

Dance On My Island -High Intermediate 32ct 4wall 1tag by Gary O’Reilly & Shane McKeever