Tomo’s Dance

Dance Name Discripsion Music Sheet/Movie
Ahh! Oop! 32count / 4wall
Ain’t Nobody 80count / 2wall
Pharased Intermediate
Besame Mucho 64count / 4wall
Low Intermediate
Color On The Walls (a.k.a. Shampoo) 64count / 2wall
Gentry Weeps 32count / 4wall
Intermediate NC2
Have You Never Been Mellow 32count / 4wall
High Beginner
I Do I Do I Do I Do I Do 32count / 4wall
Lily 32count / 4wall
Lovely Baby 32count / 4wall
High Beginner
Miss Koria 32count / 4wall
High Beginner
Under Paris Skies 48count / 2wall
High Beginner